Khorvaire By Era

~ -2,000 YK:
Location of the primary Rhiavhaar human settlements, composed of outcasts from Sarlona.

~ -1900 YK:
Continued expansion of Rhiavhaar human settlements. Goblins are waning and losing ground to the orcs in the west.

~ -1700 YK:
Rapid expansion of the human settlements, reaching northern Karrnath and deeper inside Khorvaire.

~ -1500 YK:
The distinct settlements that will become the Five Nations are cut out of goblin controlled central Khorvaire. Human expansionism begin, even more reducing a shrinking goblinoid population as other races go further and further inside their lands, fragmenting the organization and defenses of these lands. Meanwhile, humans begin to settle the Shadow Marches and the Demon Wastes.

~ -1450 to 1400 YK:
Goblinoids continue to wane as the humans expand even more. Weakened, they completely cave in on all sides by the pressure of the barbaric monstrous races. The kingdom of Wroat is formed and King Beggor of the nation of Wroat orders the City of Shaarat destroyed due to the descendants of Malleon refusing to bow to his authority. KhorvaireHistory5.jpeg

Khorvaire By Era

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