Drakes are common sight in Argonessen and are sporadically found around Khorvaire, especially in the Demon Wastes but also in the Shadow Marches, Droaam, Q’Barra and the Mror Holds.

Called ‘lesser dragons’ (such word is almost an oxymoron), Drakes are an increasingly dying race, at least in Khorvaire. First hunted by orcs and goblinoids in ancient times, the rapid expansion of the humans who would later found the kindgdom of Galifar have caused drakes in Khorvaire to retreat to their last refuges. Being large and powerful creatures, they represented a danger to villages and livestocks. This combined with the prestige of slaying a ‘dragon’ has lead to their near exinction.

Nowadays, Drakes in Khorvaire are most commonly found in the most remotes areas. The Demon Wastes has a sizeable population of fiendish Fire Drakes and Rift Drakes, creatures tainted by the very ground they live on. Forest Drakes populate the deepest parts of the Eldeen Reaches and Drooam. In the latter’s case, some ambitious would-be monstrous warlords try to tame the beasts, with little to not success. Sea Drakes can be found anywhere around Khorvaire but are most common in the waters around the Shadow Marches.

While people often recall more the Lycanthropic Purge, there was a less-known Draconic Purge in Khorvaire, roughly around the year 430 YK. Drakes were slaughtered in mass following a decree from the Keeper of the Flame that drakes were (perhaps, rightly) so a danger to the common people. To this day, many young Drakes are raised to hate those who worship the Silver Flame. Having little recollection of their origins, these creatures have no knowledge of what the flame is exactly or the role their follow draconic beings played alongside the Couatls during the war against the Rajahs.

Drakes still populate Xen’Drik, the Fortsfell, the Seren Islands and Sarlona. One would expect them to be common in Argonessen yet the drake population there is very small, smaller than even Khorvaire as these creatures are potential rivals to young dragons.


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