Tag: Class


  • Cleric

    *Gods, Pantheons and Domains:* * [[Silver Flame]] * [[Sovereign Host]] * [[Dark Six]] * [[Blood of Vol]] * [[Cults of the Dragon Below]] * [[Undying Court]] * [[Overlords]]

  • Sorcerer

    _In Eberron 3e, Sorcerers were portrayed as a more esoteric counterpart to Wizards, deriving power from the three progenitors. Because the Witch class fill this fluff role and because of Pathfinder's Bloodlines, Sorcerers have to be redefined once more._ …

  • Druid

    * *Mask Weavers* are halfling druids. They have the Saurian Shaman archetype and often multiclass as Cavalier. * *Siyal Marrain* are the druids of the Valaes Tairn. They have the Plains Druid archetype with the Animal and Terrain Domain - Plains.